National Science Foundation sponsored research concluded in 2012 that the global loss of species was equally, if not more, threatening to human survival than pollution.  On a community level, the importance of preservation of species is readily apparent in a community such as Borrego Springs where economic development is becoming more dependent upon nature in all its forms. Specifically, the unique character of Borrego Springs is dependent upon its flora and fauna—wild flowers in their vast multiplicity, Ocotillo Forests, Peninsular Big Horn Sheep, Swenson’s Hawks, mountain lions, etc; and the community’s economic development is dependent upon maintaining that unique character. Therefore, the BVEF seeks to invest in activities and initiatives that:


  1. Promote and protect the diversity of species, flora and fauna, now existing in our region.

  2. Promote education and capacity building in the community around the extensive biodiversity of our region.

  3. Promote research regarding the factors impacting biodiversity in our region.

  4. Provide regular and rigorous assessments of the status of Biodiversity of our region.

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