BVEF’s Contracts Cover Year-Round Residents & Temporary Residents* for Emergency Medical Air Transportation Coverage

The Borrego Valley Endowment Fund (BVEF) contracts with Mercy Air and REACH for municipal policies that relieve year-round and temporary residents of out-of-pocket costs – the deductible and co-insurance that often amount to $3,000 or more per flight.  More than 79 residents were transported during 2017.

To be covered under BVEF’s contracts with Mercy Air and REACH you must be residing in zip code 92004 at the time of transport and must be picked up from a location within San Diego County.

*Temporary Resident: Any person who is residing on the day of air transport at a residence that is either owned (but not the permanent family residence) or rented (for at least one month during the year)


Features of coverage differ in BVEF’s contracts with Mercy Air and REACH: 


Mercy Air is owned by Air Methods Corporation (AMC) and claims are handled under their OMNIAdvantage membership program.  Note these company and product names because you may see them instead of “Mercy Air” after you are transported on a Mercy Air helicopter.

You are covered by BVEF’s contract with Mercy Air even if uninsured (i.e., not enrolled in a medical plan with “Air Medical” coverage). You are also covered by BVEF’s contract with Mercy Air when you are transported within the other geographic areas serviced by Mercy Air and its affiliate companies.  


Go to  Near the bottom of the Home page you will see Mercy Air’s affiliate companies.  Below that, within “Contact Us” under “Membership Inquiries” click on and email your questions about coverage by affiliate companies in other geographies where you may need coverage. 

Year-round residents, who have the zipcode 92004,will be recognized as covered by Mercy Air/Air Methods Corporation/OMNIAdvantage during the claims process following transportation.

It is incumbent upon Temporary residents to inform Mercy Air/Air Methods Corporation/OMNIAdvantage of their status as temporary residents of Borrego Springs following air medical transport, and to provide reasonable evidence of their temporary residence in Borrego Springs.

Note that you will be covered by Mercy Air or its affiliates only if you are transported on their equipment.
There is no need to complete an application to enjoy this coverage


REACH is owned by AirMedCare Network (AMCN) and claims are handled by REACH/Cal-Ore Life Flight’s membership program.  Note these company and product names because you may see them instead of “REACH” after you are transported on a REACH helicopter.

You are not covered by BVEF’s contract if you are uninsured (i.e., not enrolled in a medical plan with “Air Medical” coverage). Under BVEF’s contract, however, REACH will bill the Medicare Allowable Rate which could save you many thousands of dollars compared to full charges, which currently range from $40,000 to more than $60,000 per flight.
•    You are not covered in other geographic areas serviced by REACH and its affiliate companies.
•    If you would like to be covered when uninsured and/or in other geographies served by REACH’s affiliates, BVEF’s contract with REACH allows you to purchase a full membership plan for $35 per household per year. (Note that full membership fees are currently $85).

REACH Air Medical Services, CALSTAR and Cal-Ore Life Flight/ —three of California’s preeminent air ambulance providers—are proud to be a part of the AirMedCare Network, which is an alliance among leading Air Medical Service providers, creating America’s largest air ambulance membership network.

By becoming a member of AirMedCare Network, you will be covered by all AirMedCare Network providers in all of their service areas, which are ever-expanding. You’ll become a member of our growing community of over 3 million members—the largest of its kind in the United States. AirMedCare Network is pleased to offer group membership coverage to Borrego Endowment Fund members and their families for a upgrade option rate of $35 per year.

Year-round and seasonal residents of zip code 92004 can enroll by calling 888-421-5070, which is the Customer Support line for REACH (AirMedCareNetwork). Tell the representative that the Coupon Code is 9760-CA-SIT. Borrego Endowment Fund Members can also enroll online. Visit Start the enrollment process by clicking on "Join Today" On the next page enter your name, email address, state (California) and phone number.  Then, in the box labeled AMCN Coupon/Group Code enter 9760-CA-SIT. Complete the application process and you will receive the upgrade option discounted policy rate of $35. You must be able to report an address with zip code 94002 (even if seasonal) in order to qualify for the discounted rate of $35 under the Borrego Valley Endowment Fund's municipal contract. If you have difficulty call Joshua Grossman at 541-410-4344. Must live in Borrego, CA to qualify for the upgrade option discount under the Borrego Endowment Fund.

Benefits of Upgrading your Memership with AirMedCare Network
•    No out-of-pocket expenses in connection with your flight
•    Peace of mind that allows you to focus on recovery
•    Over 320 locations, including Alaska and Hawaii
•    Network extending out across 38 states
•    Highly skilled nurses, medics and pilots ready 24 hours a day


To find out what specific geographies are served, go to and click on “About”.  Near the bottom of that page you will see REACH’s affiliate companies.  Scroll down further and under “Quick Links” you will see “Coverage Area”.  Click on that, enter the city & state or zipcode of each geography where you may need coverage
NOTE: Other geographies may be served by more than one air medical transportation company.  Call the local fire department to find out.  You may need coverage from other companies to be fully covered as you are in Borrego Springs.

In an emergency situation the Borrego Springs Fire District’s excellent EMR service will respond, and will consult with the San Diego County emergency medical air transport Medical Director to assess whether your condition is serious enough to require air transport.  If so, the County Dispatcher and Medical Director will decide whether Mercy Air or REACH will fly in and will determine the hospital most appropriate to receive the patient.  Neither the patient/family nor the helicopter crew have a say in these decisions.  The protocols are designed to identify an appropriately equipped helicopter that can reach the patient quickly and to select the nearest hospital best equipped to treat the patient’s condition.  Eisenhower Medical Center (Rancho Mirage) and Palomar Medical Center (Escondido) are most often the receiving hospitals.  Desert Regional Medical Center (Palm Springs) and medical centers in San Diego receive patients who require the most complex treatments.

The Borrego Valley Endowment Fund hopes its coverage will make Borrego Springs an even better, safer and more affordable place to live.

To date, the Fund has contributed $132,760 to provide this service to the Borrego Community.


Borrego Valley Endowment Fund (BVEF) is a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization operating in the Borrego Valley in Southeastern California. Begun in 1996, it now manages a 7+ million dollar portfolio.


Borrego Valley Endowment Fund P. O. Box 2714 Borrego Springs, CA 92004