As with healthcare, providing a top-notch educational experience in a small rural community such as Borrego Springs—officially designated a disadvantaged community—has proven to be a formidable challenge. Also as with healthcare, many observers have noted the questionable quality of primary and secondary education in our community functions as an impediment to robust economic development.  Because of its unusual degree of geographic isolation, Borrego Springs faces the additional challenge of not easily consolidating with neighboring school districts, a remedy used by many small, rural districts over the last 50 years. Borrego Springs has a diverse population composed largely of older, affluent seasonal residents and a full-time population predominated by lower SES families, many of Hispanic background. Providing for the varying needs of such a diverse population is a perpetual challenge, especially as it pertains to education. Therefore the Fund seeks to invest in initiatives and activities that:


  1. Position Borrego Springs at the forefront of innovation in the United States for providing top-notch education in small, geographically isolated communities.

  2. Support the development and use of the latest technologies to deliver educational services, e.g. distance learning.

  3. Support the development of partnerships with leading regional educators such as the University of California, Irvine.

  4. Provide regular and rigorous assessments of the community’s educational institutions.

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