Environmental Stewardship

Protecting and Preserving Borrego's Resources

Glasses of Water

Safe and Reliable Water Supply

Borrego Springs was named for the clear, delicious water from the aquifer that was once thought to have an unlimited supply. Today we know that the rate of water usage was unsustainable. Steps are being implemented to stabilize and ultimately replenish the aquifer. The BVEF supports community education and capacity building around this most critical issue.  To find out more about water programs the BVEF supports, click here.


Air Quality

Historically the Borrego Valley was known for its crystal clear days and clear night skies that revealed stars beyond counting. Over recent decades there has been a measurable decline in air quality in the region. The BVEF seeks to invest in activities and initiatives that determine sources of particulate air pollution in the region, enforce federal, state and regional air quality standards and support the development and deployment of mitigation efforts.  To find out more about air quality programs the BVEF supports click here.

Desert Reptile


When people arrive to Borrego Springs, their first impression is that the land is barren. When they look a little closer, they see the southwest's largest ocotillo forest and a multitude of desert flora, mammals, reptiles, and birds that make this valley their home. Some lucky visitors even catch a super bloom. The biodiversity of the valley is abundant, but in recent years it has faced serious challenges from invasive weeds which can be devastating to the native environment. BVEF seeks to invest in activities and initiatives that promote and protect the diversity of the region's flora and fauna and provide education and research regarding the factors impacting biodiversity in our region. To find out more about Biodiversity programs supported by the BVEF click here.