For destination communities such as the gateway community of Borrego Springs, high quality, readily available, and affordable healthcare is of particular importance because of its impact on the economic development and wellbeing of the community.


The Borrego Valley Endowment Fund (“the Fund”) has expanded its purview beyond its traditional, exclusive focus on healthcare in Borrego Springs. Consequently, the Fund now receives grant requests from individuals and organizations attempting to address many of the current and future needs of our community. Recognizing that addressing all the needs of the community is beyond its financial capability, the Fund has made a strategic decision to focus its resources on those proposals designed to create maximum beneficial impact that is community-wide, self-sustaining, and enduring.


Although its current endowment is restricted to funding healthcare related initiatives, the Fund seeks to facilitate philanthropy in eight additional Focus Areas that are of critical importance to our community. A designated gift to the Fund for any Focus Area will enable support for grants in that area.


Focus Areas


The Fund recognizes that creating maximum beneficial impact for the entire community means addressing the region’s largest challenges. Although there are many ways to group the region’s largest challenges, many of which are interrelated, the Fund has identified nine Focus Areas that define categories for proposals the Fund would like to support. One may think of these Areas of Interest as “buckets” into which any number of proposals may fit. They are:


  • Healthcare

  • Children

  • Seniors

  • Education

  • Community Development

  • Water Availability

  • Air Quality

  • Governance

  • Biodiversity


Evaluation Criteria


The Fund’s Allocation Committee has developed criteria by which proposals will be evaluated. The first three criteria are mandatory, meaning any proposal that does not meet these criteria will be excluded from further consideration. They are:


  • Priority to the Fund

  • Affordable

  • Non-duplicative


The remaining criteria are used to determine the degree to which a proposal achieves The Fund’s goals and values of 1) enduring, community-wide impact, 2) creating self-sustaining benefit, 3) capitalizing on the region’s existing assets, 4) doing no harm, and 5) producing objective measures of benefit. The specific criteria are:


  • Community-wide Benefit

  • Enduring Benefit

  • Self-sustaining

  • Capitalizing Geographic Assets

  • Capitalizing Cultural/Scientific Assets

  • Do No Harm

  • Measurable


As the largest and oldest philanthropic institution in the region, the Fund recognizes it is uniquely positioned to support the strategic development of Borrego Valley for decades to come. By turning its attention to the region’s greatest challenges, by using its resources in a focused, disciplined manner, and by holding fast to its vision of Borrego Springs as a happy, healthy, sustainable desert community that serves as the gateway to the largest state park in California, the Fund will fulfill its original mission of promoting health—now in the broadest sense of the word—in the Borrego Valley.


Definitions of Mandatory Criteria

Fund Priority: The Fund maintains a list of Areas of Interest, which it believes captures the most important challenges facing the community and the region. This list is reviewed and updated annually by the Board of Trustees.  Additionally, the Board of Trustees annually prioritizes these Areas of Interest and specifies which Areas will be eligible for funding during each year-long funding cycle.


Affordability: The Fund only invests in those proposals that fit within its annual budget for grant making. The Board of Trustees, using a 5-year rolling average of the Fund’s performance, determines this budget annually.

Non-Duplicative: The Fund only invests in those proposals that are non-duplicative of existing efforts by other individuals, organizations, agencies, etc. in the community.



Borrego Valley Endowment Fund (BVEF) is a public, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization operating in the Borrego Valley in Southeastern California. Begun in 1996, it now manages a 7+ million dollar portfolio.


Borrego Valley Endowment Fund P. O. Box 2714 Borrego Springs, CA 92004