Borrego Springs exists in something of a local governmental vacuum. It is too small to meet state requirements for incorporation, and so functions without any sort of representational civic body such as a town council. It has representation at the County level through the County Board of Supervisors, but the relatively small population of Borrego Springs renders the wishes of the residents of Borrego Springs inconsequential at the County level. Borrego Springs has a County-appointed Sponsor Group that has no power beyond the power to advise. The Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce has strived to fill this governmental void, but is constrained by the demands of its paying members/merchants. Therefore, the BVEF seeks to invest in activities and initiatives that:


  1. Explore, define, suggest, and implement new ways of organizing representation of, and within, the community.

  2. Explore and evaluate existing governmental designations that could enhance the goals of the community, e.g. special districts, designations.

  3. Establish relationships with organizations and institutions that are developing and researching new modes of community organization relevant to our community.

  4. Evaluate, monitor, and make recommendations regarding Land Use decisions in our community in alignment with Geotourism.

  5. Focus on developing relationships with all levels of county, state, and federal government for the benefit of our community.

  6. Provide regular and rigorous assessments of the status of Governance in our community.

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