Air Evac

The Borrego Valley Endowment Fund (BVEF) continues to contract with Mercy Air and REACH to cover the deductibles and co-insurance of year-round and temporary Borrego residents for emergency medical air transportation. 

Air Quality

In 2016, BVEF provided the seed money to create an air quality monitoring system for the Borrego Valley. Now, we are raising funds to operate and improve the system over the next four years 


BASIC (Basic Assistance to Students in the Community) continues to be supported by the Fund for the third year. Funding will provide lunch and snacks for the students attending the Reading Academy during the summer of 2018. 

Borrego Springs Unified School District

In December 2017, Borrego Springs Unified School District was awarded a grant of $25,000 to assist the students and their families in removing the physical and mental health obstacles that impede student's pathways to academic success. 

Climate Change

With a projected 75% reduction in water use, Borrego Springs must replace non-sustainable, water-intensive economic drivers such as agriculture and golf resort development with sustainable, low-water-intensive activity such as Nature Tourism.


Due to its remote location and status as an unincorporated community, Borrego Springs has traditionally struggled to be heard in the political power centers of San Diego and Sacramento. We seek to hire a part-time Executive Director to ensure our region's needs are represented in decisions that affect our economy, infrastructure, and quality of life.

Invasive Species Control

Volutaria tubuliflora is a new invasive plant species that threatens the Borrego Springs region's flora and fauna, including the springtime displays of wildflowers. This “A-rated” invasive weed is present in sufficiently limited distribution that eradication or containment is possible.

Let's Go Borrego

BVEF is funding a six-month pilot program to help seniors get rides for medical needs and to obtain food by paying seniors $0.50 per mile to reimburse volunteer drivers. 


  • BASIC – $46,952 for nutritious lunches and snacks served to students at the summer reading academy

  • Borrego Springs Civic Foundation – $1,875

  • Borrego Springs Educational Foundation – $20,000 for High School Interpretive Course

  • Borrego Springs Performing Arts Association – $7,297

  • Borrego Springs Senior Center – $53,700 for meals for shut-in seniors, restocking the Medical Loan Closet, Air Conditioning and roof repairs

  • Borrego Springs Unified School District – $185,000 for school mental health counseling services, eye clinic and exams, special needs equipment, orthodontist treatment and healthy eating program

  • Borrego Springs Unified School District – $10,000 for Middle School Science Camp and matching funds for the school bus 

  • Borrego Valley Stewardship Council for Sustainability – $27,500

  • Boys & Girls Club – $10,000 for Healthy Lifestyle Program

  • Christmas Circle Community Park – $8,000 for operating expenses.

  • Community Concert Association – $16,000

  • ​Invasive Weed-Biocontrol Program for CAL-IPC and Tubb Canyon – $19,344

  • Local Gov’t Commission Community Water Consultant – $38,000

  • Mercy Flight Services and Reach Flight Services – $33,489 for air medical evacuation

  • San Diego Hunger Coalition – $28,000 to fight rural hunger in Borrego Springs

  • Soroptimist Dream It, Live Your Dream Programs – $5,625

  • St. Barnabus Emergency Food Assistance program – $3,600

  • Tubb Canyon Desert Conservancy – $6,000

  • UC Irvine Air Quality Study – $66,883 to improve understanding and inform mitigation efforts related to air quality issues in the Borrego region

  • Urgent Care space rental, reports and consulting – $106,927