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Children coloring


Formed over 20 years ago, BASIC (Basic Assistance to Students in the Community) is an organization of retired and working professionals who volunteer their time year-round to provide oversight for and implementation of BASIC programs in the Borrego community. BASIC originally focused on providing scholarships to high school seniors but has broadened its scope to include additional programs and to students of all ages—“Cradle to Graduation.”

Scholarships to start and stay-in-school for Borrego High School Graduates and Adults, the summer Learning Academy which provides intensive reading/math /English Language education for grades 2, 3, and 4 held in the summer, and the Dolly Parton Imagination Library which delivers age-appropriate books each month to children from birth to age 5 are the main areas of focus.

Since 2016, the BVEF has provided assistance for the Learning Academy program by paying for the food that is provided to the students while attending the Learning Academy summer program.  This includes breakfast, lunch and snacks



Let’s Go Borrego is a program whereby senior citizens and others who need transportation to medical or dental appointments can be reimbursed for the mileage to and from their destinations.  Riders find their own volunteer drivers, which might be a friend or spouse, then submit their destinations and dates on a monthly basis.  They are reimbursed at the rate of $0.50 per mile.  Let’s Go Borrego is administered by a dedicated team of volunteers and is fiscally sponsored by the Borrego Senior Center.



The Borrego Valley Endowment Fund contracts with Mercy Air to provide emergency medical air transportation coverage to year-round and seasonal residents of Borrego Springs.  Due to Borrego Springs remote location and limited medical facilities, this air transportation is a vital asset to the community of Borrego. 

Please contact Mercy Air for the complete contract. Briefly:

  • You and members of your household are eligible Borrego Springs residents if (a) the primary residence is in Borrego Springs, (b) if the primary residence is elsewhere but you own a vacation home in Borrego Springs, or (c) you reside in a Borrego Springs rental residence for at least one month of the term of BVEF’s contract.

  • Eligible Borrego Springs residents are covered if transported by Mercy Air during the term of the Community Partnership Agreement whether you are uninsured or beneficiaries of Medicare, Medi-Cal, or a third-party insurer.  You will not be responsible for out-of-pocket costs—deductible and co-pays.



The Tubb Canyon Desert Conservancy (TCDC) developed a three-phase program for finding a biocontrol solution to the infestation of Sahara mustard that is destroying desert habitat throughout the southwestern United States. Using a grant from the Borrego Valley Endowment Fund, TCDC shared the results of the first two phases of its program with national parks, state parks, and government agencies across the Southwest, resulting in more than 40 letters that prompted 12 members of the US House of Representatives to request the USDA make phase three of TCDC’s program—the discovery and testing of biocontrol agents for Sahara mustard—a priority in its 2020-2025 Work Plan.


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