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From Nidia Meza, Managing Director for Basic Assistance for Students in the Community (BASIC). ……I would like to thank the Borrego Valley Endowment Fund for your donation of $28,500 for our Summer Learning Academy this year. Your organization will again play a major role in the lives of children who benefit from this BASIC program. Both staff and students look forward to the Learning Academy program every year as we continue to make headway in providing our Borrego Springs youth with a much-needed educational boost. As you know, our program aims to improve opportunities for the children of Borrego to succeed – to improve reading and math skills, to improve English language fluency, to develop a love of learning, to finish high school, to go on to higher education, and be successful in life. This year’s program is scheduled to begin Thursday, July 6th, and runs through Wednesday, August 2nd. We will be hosting 41 students in 4 vital classes. Again, Thank You for the difference that the Borrego Valley Endowment Fund makes in our community.

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