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Borrego Valley Endowment Fund Provides Grant for Borrego Springs Fire Protection District

(Borrego Springs, April 7, 2022)

The Borrego Springs Fire Protection District’s paramedic services are of vital need for the health of our community and the safety of the estimated million people who visit the Borrego region each year. After the Borrego Valley Endowment Fund learned that the Fires District’s existing Heart Monitor / Defibrillators were at “end of life” and were out of date to be upgraded the BVEF opened discussion with the Fire District on how to replace these important lifesaving machines. Heart Monitor / Defibrillators save lives. They are critically important for Borrego Springs as a large population of our community are approaching or above retirement age, and transportation distances to critical care hospitals are far. The grant from the BVEF to the Fire District, totaling $188,826.03, will allow the Fire District to purchase five brand new, industry gold standard, Zoll X Series Advanced Monitor / Defibrillators, and additional equipment. This will enable each fire truck and ambulance to be equipped with these state of the art machines. The grant also allows special training for paramedics and firemen to operate and maintain the apparatus.

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