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When You Need Emergency Medical Air Transportation…..

Updated: May 16

We have you COVERED!

The BVEF, through its contract with MERCY AIR, covers emergency medical air transportation costs for year round and seasonal residents

Features of coverage with BVEF’s contract with Mercy Air:

  • Mercy Air is owned by Air Methods Corporation (AMC) and claims are handled under their OMNIAdvantage membership program Note these company and product names because you may see them instead of “Mercy Air” after you are transported on a Mercy Air helicopter
  • You are covered by BVEF’s contract with Mercy Air even if uninsured (i.e., not enrolled in a medical plan with “Air Medical” coverage)
  • You are covered up to $700 per incident and Mercy Air airfare
  • You are also covered by BVEF’s contract with Mercy Air when you are transported within the other geographic areas serviced by Mercy Air and its affiliate companies. Go to Near the bottom of the Home page you will see Mercy Air’s affiliate companies. Below that, within “Contact Us” under “Membership Inquiries” click on and email your questions about coverage by affiliate companies in other geographies where you may need coverage.
  • Year-round residents, who have the zipcode 92004,will be recognized as covered by Mercy Air/Air Methods Corporation/OMNIAdvantage during the claims process following transportation. It is incumbent upon Temporary residents to inform Mercy Air/Air Methods Corporation/OMNIAdvantage of their status as temporary residents of Borrego Springs following air medical transport, and to provide reasonable evidence of their temporary residence in Borrego Springs
  • Note that you will be covered by Mercy Air or its affiliates only if you are transported on their equipment.
  • There is no need to complete an application to enjoy this coverage.

The Borrego Valley Endowment Fund mission is to harness the power of philanthropy to create enduring, community-wide benefits for the Borrego region. The BVEF-Mercy Air partnership is one example of how the BVEF makes Borrego Valley a safer and better community. If you would like to support the BVEF in achieving its mission by donating to important projects like this or others that may be of special interest to you, please contact Jim Dion at

NOTE: BVEF does not have a coverage contract with Reach

  • REACH is owned by AirMedCare Network (AMCN). BVEF does not have an agreement with REACH.
  • If REACH is dispatched for your medivac transport BVEF cannot reimburse you for being transported in their equipment.
  • In an emergency situation the Borrego Springs Fire District’s excellent EMR service will respond, and will consult with the San Diego County emergency medical air transport Medical Director to assess whether your condition is serious enough to require air transport. If so, the County Dispatcher and Medical Director will decide whether Mercy Air or REACH will fly in and will determine the hospital most appropriate to receive the patient. Neither the patient/family nor the helicopter crew have a say in these decisions. The protocols are designed to identify an appropriately equipped helicopter that can reach the patient quickly and to select the nearest hospital best equipped to treat the patient’s condition. Eisenhower Medical Center (Rancho Mirage) and Palomar Medical Center.

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